About BIM

What BIM gives you

Insight and clarity

BIM brings you insight into your building, clarity of design, realization, operation and management & maintenance process.

Cost reduction

Problems are resolved before even one pile is driven into the ground, so that mistakes are prevented before they occur. Clash detection between the different construction plans of various construction partners is carried out beforehand, which means the work is better coordinated – yet another way to prevent failure costs. Planning costs can be saved by planning the construction (and building site) logistics in advance.
By careful consideration of all the necessary information required for the building’s actual operation, management & maintenance and demolition, and including this all in the file, costs for retrieving that information at a later stage in the procedure are mitigated.
However, it is worth mentioning that all these benefits do come at a cost. The design and engineering process will become more expensive, because the actual cost reduction occurs later on, during the realization or operational stage. Overall costs are reduced, but the costs and benefits do not necessarily end up with the same parties. For that reason it is key to agree beforehand how these will be divided between the client and construction partners.

Security and risk management

Because a building is ‘built’ in its entirety beforehand, uncertainties are removed in advance. This allows risks to be managed before they even come up.