About us

Why to choose us

Why choose us


What sets us apart and how we work

We are proud to say that we have been able to get the best BIM people in the Netherlands and India to join our ranks.

In addition, we have a nearly infinite source of ambitious, well-trained modelers, enabling us to scale up quickly if need be. As a result, we can limit turnaround time and we can also step into projects at a moment’s notice if they are not running smoothly or a sudden shortage occurs.

Because we work for several clients in Europe and abroad, we are familiar with virtually all software packages and standards and therefore work as per your requirements. Of course, we can also advise you on the optimal approach and tools.

Every week, based on your assessment and written approval in advance, we will send you an invoice for the delivered work, so that you can keep your costs manageable and remain financially healthy and therefore being a stable partner.

What is our added value

We will take care of your work and of your worries. We will make good on your promises to your client or your construction partners. Then you can focus on what you are good at: the building, installation, operation, management or maintenance of a building. We are also able to continue managing and adjusting your ‘Digital Twin’ for years to come, whenever something changes. If you find yourself facing an altered information requirement, we will simply adjust your building file accordingly.


Why you need us


It’s all about you

You have just started with BIM and still lack knowledge, experience and / or capacity. We have this because we have made BIM our everyday work, learning from every single project and use our experiences on new projects. Our knowledge and experience are a huge advantage, just as huge as our unlimited capacity because we have a department of well-trained modelers in India, which can be scaled up virtually without limits. Combined with our continuous drive to keep innovating, this adds value to every BIM issue.

You have been doing BIM for some time, but a lot still goes wrong and you are looking for someone who can take over from you to save the project. Or there is suddenly a lot more work on your organization than you had estimated, and you do not have enough staff. The BIM Engineers does have that capacity and is more than happy to scale up for you, so that you can continue with the project at the required speed and delivering the quality you promised.

You are deeply involved in BIM and innovating at top speed. You will continue to do so, but the actual modeling is not your core business. You are looking for a partner to build on and who is exactly on the same wavelength as you. The BIM Engineers would like to be that partner, so you can focus on your core business and innovate.