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What we do

We provide the following services:

BIM staffing, BIM modeling, BIM engineering, BIM coordination, BIM management and BIM projects. Innovation in the field of design, engineering, building, installation technology and infrastructure, all over the world. We know how it works! Intelligence and efficiency in preparing construction projects, that’s what we do:

  • BIM Modeling: If you want a 3D model, we will prepare such models for you of your products, your services on the construction site, building parts and installations, or of the entire building, or even the whole project including planning, budgeting, (building site) logistics and so on.
  • If you want your entire project in BIM, we will manage, coordinate, oversee and implement: we will do the project management on your behalf or complete (or aspect) coordination of all the parties contributing to the BIM file. In this case we will take care of the process management including:
    • Preparing BIM Implementation plans
    • Preparing BIM work plans
    • Preparing BIM Protocols
    • Preparing ILS’s
    • Etc.
  • If you want to complete your project in BIM, we will support, advise or relieve you of every possible care.
  • If you want your products in BIM, we will create your products with the tools and standards you want.
  • If you want your existing building in BIM, we will scan your property and convert it into a BIM Model. We will do this with the level of detail

  • (LOD) that is necessary for the desired applications. We can also advise you on this.
  • If you want manage and maintain a building. We take over the management and maintenance of your BIM model (s) and manage these throughout the entire life cycle of the construction work. Then you can focus on your core business.
  • If you want a building file or a ‘digital twin’, we will convert all project models into a building file or digital twin so that you can support or even manage your business processes and building control. In addition, we offer BIM Software development: if necessary we can provide additional software to realize specific wishes regarding the BIM file.
  • We also offer services such as Family Creation and Quantity Surveying