New: Expert Delivery Centre

New at The BIM Engineers: Expert Delivery Centre.


The BIM Engineers Expert Delivery Centre EDC for producers in the Building industry

Producers in Building Industry: Become agile to innovate!


Our own Global Delivery Centre has already been in operation for a while and recently we additionally started our own Expert Delivery Centre.


That means one component, excellent quality, on time delivery and all at a competitive price level. This enables The BIM Engineers to offer you the right solution for solving any capacity problems you might be encountering with any of your projects.


We founded an EDC for

– Facades

– Precast concrete

– Wood construction

– Elevators

– Building systems all managed by a professional in that field


Together we can bypass the traditional solutions. Become a partner of The BIM Engineers so we can help you with the preparation and successful completion of your projects by increasing your capacity and expanding your knowledge.