BIM Template/Database

BIM Template/Database

BIM project templates facilitate us to save the settings of the current project and apply them to another project.

Our experienced team is an expert in creating dynamic project templates using Revit where BIM objects are parametric in nature.

The BIM Engineers has helped numerous clients from different regions through pre-existing and newly created accurate BIM Templates and databases.

Our Major Types of Families

Doors, Windows, Furniture & Fixtures.
Beam, Columns, joints, stiffeners, joists etc.
Pumps, Chillers, Valves, Heating and Cooling Coils, Heat Exchangers, Fans, Hoods, etc.
Drain Fixtures, Heaters, Filters, Tanks, Valves, Pumps, etc.
Lighting fixtures, Power fixtures, Panels, Boxes, Security and Telecom devices, etc.

Our Content Library Contains:

Architectural Project Templates
Structural Project Templates
MEP Project Templates
Revit Families
Fabrication Database
Annotation Families
Views and Sheets
Software Settings
Technical Specifications
Codes and Standards

Why Database is essential in BIM ?

Database and content libraries allow you to use the data in any project to help the production process with forecasting, automating, calculating, and executing.

Revit templates and AutoCAD databases can be used to:

  • Set the default view settings in different plans, sheets, and sections.
  • Override the appearance of viewer categories.
  • Generate the Bill of Material and Quantity.
  • Save time in family creation.
  • Meet the specifications and standards.
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