Clash Coordination

Clash Coordination

Clash Categories

Hard Clash
The clash consists of two components sharing the same place based on semantic or geometry and rule-based algorithms on the BIM elements with existing information.
Soft Clash
The clash takes place for lack of required spatial or geometric tolerance to facilitate maintenance after construction.
Workflow Clash
Workflow clash takes place while there is a conflict between equipment, material delivery, contractor scheduling and general workflow timeline.

Clash Coordination Advantages

Easier sequencing and/or scheduling
Accurate estimates for the entire construction phase
Leading to fewer accidents
Faster construction and higher productivity
Fewer errors in all stages of a construction project
Smaller risks, lower overall costs
Drastically decreased material waste
Time Saving
  • Clash Test
    A clash test is a predefined set of elements that must be checked for collisions.
  • Clash Matrix
    Our best practice is to plan the clash test by creating a "Clash Matrix" to define combinations of disciplines and priorities based on the construction schedule and deliverable. A chronicle order of clash test is crucial in mitigating the iterations between model updates.
  • Clash Report
    Navis-works is the most common platform we use to generate clash reports. It's a detailed document in different formats such as PDF, XML, HTML, etc. which is shared with stakeholders to identify and analyze every individual clash.
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