Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication Drawings

A Fabrication drawing is optimized to provide all the information needed by the fabricator to accurately manufacture or assemble the spool.

We at The BIM Engineers are skilled at generating fabrication drawings and Spool maps adhering to the regulatory codes.

Our drawings guide and enables the fabricators and installers to receive all information necessary for accurate manufacturing.

Fabrication Drawing Categories

Single Part Drawings
Single part drawings mostly attend to the intricately complex information of the fabrication work. These drawings are done on A4 sheet paper and contain the specific details for the weight, cutting, and dimensions of the materials in use.
Assembly Drawings
These fabrication drawings provide every detail to the welder with regards to the assembly of all the different parts for a single assembly. The documentation is done on larger A3 sheet size.
General Arrangement Drawings
The general arrangement (GA) drawings are perceived to be the master plan drawings that showcase how effectively the various parts fit together.

Advantages of Fabrication Drawings

Increased Quality
Improves testing
Short Installation time
Easy maintenance

Segments of Fabrication Drawings:

  • Ductwork Fabrication Drawings
  • Piping Spool Drawings
  • Conduit Spool Drawings
  • Steel Fabrication Drawings
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