Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM

We use 3D laser scanned data to create an accurate digital representation that can be used for designing, accessing progress, or evaluating options.

Scan to BIM facilitates you to create an accurate three-dimensional digital representation of your building - in a minimum period of time.

Scan to BIM Process

Step 1: Scanning
The scan is made by means of: Standalone scanners, Mobile Lidar mapping, Drone scanners, hand-held scanners, etc.
Step 2: Reading files
The scan arrives at The BIM Engineers in the .las / .laz / E57 format.
Step 3: From Scan to BIM
The scan is converted to a workable file and Revit modeled into a BIM.
Step 4: Implementing the I of BIM
Information from 2D drawings is loaded via .RVT file. All materials and values are assigned to the model.
Step 5: Maintenance & Data
All intermediate changes and maintenance are loaded. The BIM is now completely up to date. There is now a digital copy of the building.
Step 6: BIM implementation
The BIM model is now enriched with planned & unplanned maintenance insights. This makes it the most common method for facility management. In combination with BIM-2-Field you can quickly and precisely maintain the building.

Scan to BIM Benefits

Error Mitigation
Quality Assurance
Easy Asset management
Easy Facility Management
Faster data sharing
Less expenses at site survey
Quick As-built documentation

Our Scan to BIM Services

  • Architecture
    Walls, Exterior, Interiors, Windows, Doors, Cabinets, etc.
  • Structure
    Labs, Shear walls, Columns, Beams, Framings, Foundations, Piles, etc.
  • Mechanical
    Ductwork, Piping, Equipment, FCU, AHU, Chillers, Pumps, etc.
  • Plumbing
    Sanitary, Water Services, Fixtures, Utility, Vents, etc.
  • Electrical
    Lightings, Power Devices, Cable Trays, Trunckings, Conduits, Panels, Fixtures, etc.
  • Fire Protection
    Pipes, Sprinklers, Pumps, Hydrants, Hose-Reels, etc.
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